• Brigid Day

Yip, Yip, Yip

My house backs up to some woods and then the interstate. This year we have a family of coyotes who have taken up residence in the woods. They are seen coming and going quite often, and luckily (knocks on wood) we have kept our people and animals separate from them.

Twice now, late in the night, rescue vehicles with sirens have gone past the house on the interstate side. And the baby coyotes howl at the sirens. It is absolutely freakin' adorable and makes us laugh. I know coyotes are dangerous and should not be underestimated, but picturing those baby coyotes howling at the sirens reminds me so much of the yip yips from Sesame Street. They sound like they are wobbling and howling and imitating and it's an indescribable endearing howl.

(Note: these are not OUR coyotes. This is a picture from the internet. I am not foolish enough to try to approach baby coyotes.)

This is what I picture:

A siren goes by "wooo, wooo, wooo" and babies howl "woo hoo, woo hoo, woo hoo," Another siren goes by "wooo, wooo, wooo" and babies howl "woo hoo woo, woo hoo woo, woo hoo woo." And then the third siren goes by "wooo, wooo, wooo" and babies howl "hoo woo hoo woo! hoo woo hoo woo! Hoo woooooo hoooooo wooo!"

The sirens make me worry about the reason they are needed, and the howls remind me of the danger that is lurking not too far from our house, but the baby coyote howls are definitely a silver lining.

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