• Brigid Day

Tribble Retirement Home

I have known that there was something living under our shed for a while. Fiona circles it on the reg with dogged persistence. (Dogged - get it?) Last night Fiona woke and went nuts. She was barking at all the windows - front, back, my bedroom window - it seemed like her "there is a deer in the yard" bark. Since we have a family of coyotes that have been squatting in the woods behind the house, I got up to make sure everything was OK.

When what to my wondering eyes did appear, but a fat old gray tribble wobbling across the backyard. In the dark, without my glasses, with a dog losing her ever-loving mind right next to me, I watched this little guy teeter back behind the shed. I told Fiona she was not going outside and much to her dismay, I meant it, and we eventually went back to bed.

So now I am left curious as to what genus has decided to join our ragamuffin animal kingdom. It was furry, gray, low to the ground with very short legs, wobbled side to side when it moved, not too quick, couldn't tell if it had a tail or not, and I didn't see his face. Any guesses?

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