• Brigid Day

If you give a busy mom the day off...

Having just changed jobs, I'm staring at 9 days off before I have to report back to work - a physical break but more importantly a mental break that I haven't had for years. So naturally, I am trying to plan out my day:

* work on homework

* clean (OMG there is so much to clean)

* grocery shop

*clean some more (seriously, cleaning neeeeeds to be done.)

*install my little bidet attachment (quit hoarding the TP, y'all.)

*find a new show to binge and reward myself with episodes after homework is done.

And here's how it's going so far:

* clean kitchen - check

* discuss classwork with a peer and come up with a plan - check

* read instructions on bidet attachment - check

...and then I went off the rails.

See, I needed a screwdriver for the bidet project and it wasn't where I normally keep it, so I emptied that whole closet to see if it had slipped behind something else. It didn't, but I am now apparently cleaning out that closet...

And then I looked in the kitchen junk drawer to see if the screwdriver might have migrated there. Hmmm, realized I'm a little hungry, so I made some eggs and toast. Forgot I was making toast and burned toast. Made more toast. Still no screwdriver.

Decided to run a pot of vinegar through the coffee pot. Following the directions, I stopped it halfway through to let it sit for 30 minutes. Still no screwdriver.

Checked the basement for the screwdriver. Realized laundry needed to be switched over. Still no screwdriver. Can't even remember the last time I used the screwdriver and I'm running out of places to look.

Sat down to take a break. Fired up my computer and the internet was acting squirrelly. Asked Alexa to stop playing music - she blinked red and said she can't handle that request right now and she kept playing music. The computers are now obviously in control. Can't search Netlfix for a new show, because of squirrelly internet. Can't write first blog post, because of squirrelly internet (but on the plus side, I "can't" work on homework at the moment either...)

Alexa finally stopped playing the music of her own volition. I sat on the couch waiting to see what would happen next. About a minute later, she played some more music, and apparently, the internet was fixed. I'm now afraid to ask her to stop since she is running the show...

Started a blog post about the completely random day that I am having. Decided maybe I should have another cup of coffee. Go to kitchen and find half a pot of vinegar coffee awaiting me. Finish vinegar cycle and decide maaaayyyybe I don't actually need any more coffee right now. Still no screwdriver.

So, Alexa is off and I'm about to hit publish, let the dog in, put the closet contents away, pour out the vinegar, run a pot of plain water through, and try to find a screwdriver...

...or take a nap.

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