• Brigid Day

I got the best one

Oddly enough, we are spending Christmas in quarantine. I had some sinus symptoms and got tested for COVID, but haven't gotten results yet, so here we are. I am feeling much better, so in the scheme of things, I feel very lucky.

The kids came back from the dad's today for Christmas Eve and Christmas morning. I told the kids since I had been quarantining, that I was caught off guard for Christmas breakfast and we wouldn't have a typical big spread. They both said it was fine and we moved on with making our plans. (Our plans include ordering pizza for dinner because it's the meal the kids both like best...)

A few minutes later as we were getting ready to clean up a bit, Nick said he was not having breakfast today. Both Maggie and I were a little concerned. The only time he doesn't eat is when he's getting sick. (OK, I was more than a little concerned.)

He said he was fine. But this doesn't always mean he is fine.

We all ended up in the kitchen and he said he might have some cheese crackers. I looked at him and realized all of a sudden what was happening.

Me: We have plenty of breakfast food.

Him: I'm fine.

Me: But there is plenty to eat.

Him: There is?

Me: YES! I meant we didn't have bacon or sausage for breakfast tomorrow. We have plenty of food.

Him: Ooooh! I thought we didn't have enough food.

And that is the story of Nick offering to skip a meal because he thought we didn't have enough food and he wanted Maggie and me to eat before he did.

I really did get the best one.

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